Can Anemia Cause Weight Loss? Yes, It Can

Can anemia cause weight loss? The answer is a resounding yes.

Our bodies have about 30 red blood cells. When you are younger, you produce a lot of these cells because you need the energy. When we get older, we have a lot less.

Anemia occurs when the red blood cells get less oxygen and are destroyed. At this point, the body needs to use other energy sources. So, your body goes to the refrigerator to get more energy and uses the food you eat.

What it ends up getting is a lot of the protein from the food. Protein is one of the fastest-burning calories.

There are some foods that increase the risk of developing anemia and can cause weight loss when you are trying to lose weight. I am not going to name them all because they are too dangerous for me to list on the web site.

Can anemia cause weight loss? Yes. It causes your body to seek other energy sources to meet its energy needs.

Your body will start burning more fat when you are trying to lose weight because it is seeking out excess protein. The more protein your body is burning, the less it has to burn off in an effort to get the energy it needs.

So, you have less red blood cells because you are actually burning more of them as a source of energy. This means that you have to burn more of the other sources of energy so that you can get the energy that is required. This is why you tend to gain weight if you are not able to meet your energy requirements.

Your body is also using other sources of energy that are not fat or protein. Your brain may not be getting the nutrition it needs. Other systems are also affected by anemia.

Many systems that help your brain function are affected by anemia. So, you can get a little dumber. Because you don’t have enough protein or fat in your diet, it is harder for your brain to function at its best.

But, the most common and the most damaging of brain problems is a problem called dyslexia. It is characterized by difficulty reading. It can be caused by anemia, because the brain is now looking for other energy sources.

So, can anemia cause weight loss? Yes, it can.