Why Am I Not Losing Weight With This Diet?

“Why am I not losing weight?” this is the most common question asked by women especially when they go for weight loss programs. The answer to this question lies in a lot of factors which has been enumerated here under. Weight loss programs are the way to reduce fat and ensure that you have a slim body.

why am i not losing weight

One of the main reasons why one cannot lose weight is metabolic rate. The resting metabolic rate indicates how many calories we burn per day and the rate at which the body uses the calories. There are people who cannot lose weight because their metabolism rate is high and so they do not take in enough calories or do not burn them off as fast as required. The best way of increasing the metabolic rate is exercising. Some of the exercises that can help one increase their metabolic rate are swimming, jogging, running and engaging in sports which require short bursts of activity with high intensity.

Another reason why an individual cannot lose weight is due to lacking proper knowledge of what they should eat on a daily basis. Proper knowledge of what you should eat will ensure that you get all the nutrients that are required for good health. Lack of information is one of the biggest hurdles in personal training as most trainers will advice the client to eat more calories. This is however not the case as one should first understand the difference between eating too much and eating too little.

Lack of motivation to continue with the workouts is yet another reason why most individuals fail in their weight loss programs. It is quite possible that you may feel like quitting because the routine is wearing you out. Lack of motivation can be resolved by hiring a personal trainer who will help you in sticking to the program. Some celebrities trainers like Tom Cruise and Kate Winslet have encouraged their fans to stick to their fitness program. You can also get inspiration from these celebrities as many of them have achieved great success in their weight loss endeavors.

Lack of proper knowledge about the role of food in weight loss also leads many to fail in their weight loss programs. A good personal trainer will always discuss the importance of eating the right kind of foods at the right time. The body needs nutrients to perform properly and if these nutrients are not taken care of, the individual can suffer from various diseases including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and even hypertension.

Lack of patience and/or distraction is another reason why most people fail in their weight loss efforts. If an individual is not concentrating on the workouts and is constantly sidetracked by the sight of television, they can hardly achieve their goals. Even if they are following a strict workout routine and are following the exact same diet, they need to ensure that they give the body adequate time to recuperate and repair itself after being subjected to extreme strain. If they start stressing on workouts and staying up late, they will never see results and this is why a celebrity trainer is so important.

Vargo also stresses on the importance of resting the body and this is because the body does not gain any weight when the metabolism rate of the individual is fast and the calories burned is high. If you follow the wrong advice to speed up your metabolic rate, you will most likely have a hard time losing weight. For example, if you feel that the extra calories you are consuming are not burnt quickly enough, you will tend to eat more often and even when you are not hungry, you will tend to eat more than necessary.

A good reason why I am not losing weight despite being on a low carb diet is because of my addiction to food. When I used to eat junk food regularly, I had a hard time getting rid of the cravings. The reason why I crave for food is because of the presence of fatty acids present in it. Vargo’s eBook also teaches you how to reduce cravings. By learning how to identify the cravings and the correct way to handle them, you will be able to lose weight and keep the same body shape you were used to having.